Join and help out at Amma’s program in Houten

The organisation of Amma’s worldwide programmes is all done by volunteers. All these volunteers were touched and inspired by Amma’s message of love and her example to create a better world.

One of the main lessons Amma keeps telling us, is that true happiness can be found by serving others. She says we learn most about ourselves and our issues, when we give time to others in need – without expecting anything in return. In India this is called seva: selflessly putting in the effort to help others, to serve God or the world as a whole. Amma says that seva is one of the most important elements of our spiritual path. Here you can find for more information about the meaning of seva.

“Children, having a selfless attitude will uplift us. By helping others we are, in fact, helping ourselves. On the other hand, every time we do a selfish action, we are harming ourselves.”
– Amma

Helping out at Amma’s programme is also a form of seva

If we stand together – big and small – we can make sure that thousands of people will have the opportunity to meet Amma. The Dutch programme is organised by over 100 local and 300 international volunteers who travel with Amma. For the programme we need about 400 more volunteers with the many different tasks. Only with that help are we be able to let the thousands of visitors enjoy Amma’s presence and her special embrace.

“My strength are my children”
– Amma

For some jobs it’s easier to find helpers then others, but that does not make them less vital for the program. For these seva’s your help is he even more important: toilet cleaning, dishwashing, greeters (welcoming people at the door), manage the traffic in the parking area, security, carrying chairs and benches between the hall and the restaurant. You find all the seva’s in the form below.

Set up and clean up of Amma’s program

Lots of help is needed for the set up before and clean up afterward. The set up starts at 7 am on November 27th. The clean up at the end of the program has some extra challenges this year: large parts of the Expo have to empty and clean for the next event only hours after our program. So we have to start the clean up during Devi Bhava night. For this you can also register on the form below. We hope you will all lend a hand! During the clean up the people who know what has to be done wear bright colored vests, so they are easy to recognise.

Together we can make Amma’s program into a great success! 

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Registration form volunteers

Accommodation and food offer

If you commit yourself to 6 or more hours of seva daily, you can benefit from a special accommodation and food offer for volunteers. Please first register as a volunteer, then we will send you the info on how to apply for the accommodation and food offer.

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“Behind all great and unforgettable events is the heart. Love and a selfless attitude underlie all truly great deeds. Behind any good cause, you will find somebody who has renounced everything and dedicated his or her life to it.”
– Amma