Accommodation and food for volunteers

If you commit yourself to 6 or more hours of seva daily, you can benefit from a special accommodation and meals offer for volunteers.

If you have not registered yet, then you can do that here:

Registration volunteer

If you are not willing or able to do at least 6 hours of seva a day, you can reserve a sleeping place in the dormitory with the “Sleeping facility visitors” form.

Sleeping facility visitors

Special seva offer: sleep and eat for € 120,-

Do you want to help with Amma’s program?

Do you want to do volunteer work in the spirit of seva?

Then we have a special offer for you!

In the Expo we have arranged a sleeping area where volunteers can spend the night. You can also stay there for three nights: you stay on location at the biggest spiritual festival in the Netherlands. We also have a special restaurant for the volunteers: the seva restaurant.

  • A sleeping place in the special volunteer area (bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat (or air mat)
  • Warm showers
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: porridge (oats), yoghurt, muesli and bread or sandwiches
    • Lunch: Indian meal of soup, bread and salad
    • Diner: Indian meal or soup, bread and salad
    • Coffee and tea in the seva restaurant as you like

You can join the set up on monday, november 27th from 7 am onwards. At lunch time there will be soup and turkish bread (bring your own sandwiches if you have a strong apetite). In the evening diner is served for the people who joined the set up. The wristbands that give access to the sleeping area are given out after lunch near the seva desk. The sleeping area is open after 5 pm.

If you help with the clean up in the early hours of Thursday november 30th, then we will serve you a delicious lunch from all the left overs! The clean up is a big thing this year: in the early hours large parts of the hall have to be empty and clean!

Important: This year it was difficult to get the Expo on dates that Amma could come, but we have to ask you something very important: the volunteer sleeping area has to be empty on Thursday morning at 8 am(!). Make sure you take your stuff and put it in your car or bring it to the special storage area before that time. The location of the special storage area will be announced later.

On november 28 and 29 you do at least 6 hours of volunteer work: for example help with the parking, the dish washing, toilet- and shower cleaning, garbage, security etc. (click here for more info)

What should I bring?
Bring at least your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow and a small torch with you.

People who arrange their own sleeping place outside the Expo can still the seva meal offer.  Those who do your six hours of seva per day (and have arranged your hours with the coordinator of your department) can buy that gives you breakfast, lunch, diner and tea and coffee at the sleep desk. You can also order these food wrist bands online.
Rates (at 6 hours of seva per day)

  • sleep- and food arrangement: € 120,- (3 nights/3 days)
  • only sleeping: € 70,- (3 nights)
  • only food, coffee and tea: € 50,- (3 days)
Please register for seva before you apply for the sleep and food arrangement and make sure have contacted the coordinator of your seva department for your schedule. If you pay in advance through IDEAL, PayPal or creditcard you can join the special short queue at the sleep desk on the set up day and enter the sleeping area sooner.
Seva means selfless service and is an important part of many spiritual traditions. Seva helps to shift your focus away from your self to the needs of the other. It helps to make you less concerned about your ego’s needs. Amma says: ‘A selfless attitude gives joy. By helping others we help ourselves.